Mrs Sparkles ~ Algerian Brown Snowflake


Celeste  ~ Algerian Brown


Electra ~ Algerian Chocolate Snowflake Pinto

2nd Generation Import


Honey  ~ Pale Apricot Snowflake


Atria ~ High White Chocolate Pinto.

First Generation Import


Luna ~ Algerian Grey Snowflake Pinto


Seren ~ Algerian Chocolate Snowflake Pinto

2nd Generation Import


Mr Sparkles ~ Champaigne


Galaxy ~ Algerian Grey Pinto.

2nd Generation Import


Eclipse ~ High White Chocolate Pinto.

1st Generation Import

 Comet ~ Cinnamon High White Pinto.


Rescue Hedgie

Meet Charity ~ Grey Pinto


I have had Charity for appox ............................. months. Her actual age is unknown.

When she came to me she was grossly over weight and had been living on a diet of sub standard Cat Biscuits and Chocolate. Yes you read that right I said "Chocolate" . As a result her skin was very dry as were her ears, she also had bald patches due to her skin condition.

Sadly she couldn't ball due to her weight which is an essential part of a hedgehogs defence mechanism.

Addicted to chocolate, living in a Chinchilla cage and sleeping in an empty catfood box, its taken a long time to get this once ball of spikes to learn to relax, trust and eat a healthy diet.

 Thankfully she is now a lovely pear shape rather than an oversized apple shape. She is very active were as when she arrived she could hardly move.

Her favourite pass time is still eating so she is on a strict eating regime but thankfully she now enjoys running around on her wheel which helps to maintain her weight