The National Exotic Hedgehog Rescue website is a central place to organize the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of all types of exotic Hedgehogs and their relatives. We specialize in African Pygmy Hedgehogs, Long-Eared Hedgehogs, Lesser Tenrecs, Greater Tenrecs and Common Tenrecs, although we will take in any spiny / prickly creature.

We are 100% non-profit and use both funds from the sale of our breeding hogs and donations for hog lovers around the country.  We will never turn an exotic hog away and will never put down unless it is the last resort.

 We can cover 90% of the UK  and 100% if you are willing to travel to one of our approved rescuers.  We will take on any spiky critter. We offer this 100% free of charge but as we rely of donations to help rescuers with medical costs, food and board costs ect, any donations would be highly appreciated. 



 Pygmy Hogs UK http://pygmyhogsuk.forumandco.com/

Is a friendly and open forum with lots of helpful information and has a varied user group from potential new hedgehog owners to experienced owners and breeders to help answer your questions and provide valuable insight into the world of owning a APH.           

 We are strongly urging potential owners to do their research thoroughly beforehand to ensure that you buy from a reputable source to ensure that you acquire the healthiest and happiest hedgies and that you can provide the very best care for you new addition.




High Quality Pouches, tunnels, fleece liners , houses and vivs ect especially customised for your new spikey friend



Here you will find EVERYTHING you need for you African Pygmy Hedgehog.

  •     Cardboard bedding
  •     Paper pellets
  •     Nesting materials

Made from 100 per cent recycled materials ensuring they are kind to the environment and animals alike. Unlike other brands our bedding and paper pellets will not gather dust when in use. Made from super absorbent materials our bedding is not only a more hygienic choice but masks odours well.